Travel and Accomodation
Seoul is an old city with more than 500 years of history, as it had been the capital of the Joseon dynasty (1492-1910). Now it has been augmented and expanded with the modern development of the country. The unique landscape combining the old and the new can be observed along the Han River that runs through the city from east to west, dividing the city between Gangbuk and Gangnam. Seoul is also well known for its well-equipped subway system that enhances the accessibility to the city attractions.

Seoul National University was established in 1946, and has been a leading higher education institution with 15 colleges, 1 graduate school and 10 professional graduate schools, having produced millions of graduates. The university is also known for its vast campus lush with green landscapes and surrounded by Gwanak Mountain.

The IABS Congress will be held on the campus. The campus is located in the southwestern part of the city, a 1.5-hour trip from Incheon airport by airport limousine. There are a couple of airport bus lines directly going to the campus ($10-$13). Detailed information will be provided as the date for the Congress approaches.

background2 As for accommodations, the Planning Committee will secure 200 rooms at the Hoam Faculty House, which is located conveniently within a walking distance from the campus. We are working on securing additional accommodations outside of the campus (closer to downtown), and dedicated shuttle bus services will be provided between the hotels and the Congress site. There will be plenty of other options of accommodations available such as Airbnb and guesthouses.

More information will be provided, as the website will be updated regularly.